Al Berkowitz is an art-rock ensemble commanded by composer and producer Ignacio Simón. It was founded in 2006, when the Spanish psychedelic band The Inhabitants joined forces with American beatnick Aldous Berkowitz and started recording and touring under different names. After Aldous' departure in 2007, they christened the band Al Berkowitz as a homage to their former bandmate and mentor. Over the last years, Al Berkowitz have combined strikingly original music with euphoric live performances and have quickly become recognized as one of the most captivating and experimental bands around Europe. Their music combines folk, experimental music and other influences. They have released two studio LP's and a bunch of singles, EPs and live recordings to date.

Their debut album 'Barely nice' was released in 2009 and was well received by critics. This ten track album, plenty of guitar counterpoints and multilayered soundscapes is available for download at our website. Their sophomore effort, 'A long hereafter / Nothing beyond' halfway between psychedelia, folk and experimental music, comes out worldwide in a revised version on Tempel Records, roughly two years after being released in Spain to critical acclaim. 'A long hereafter / Nothing beyond' draws a genuine and unclassifiable musical universe, where every little sound and detail seem to fit in neatly. It features crushing harmonic affluence and expressionist, yet delicate, arrangements. The album's eight tracks maintain a sincere and honest essence through opposing spirits and styles. 'A long hereafter / Nothing beyond' culminates a series of releases arising from the same sessions: the singles 'The Frenchman and The Rabbitman' and 'Magical cynical' and the EP 'A better way'.


Al Berkowitz - A Long Hereafter / Nothing Beyond (2015) Download

Al Berkowitz - A Better Way EP (2013) Download

Al Berkowitz - Football, Women and Knives EP (2009) Download

Al Berkowitz - Barely Nice (2009) Download


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