Ignacio Simón is a Spanish composer, producer, musicologist and multi-instrumentalist who has performed and recorded under different monikers such as Simon Aschenbach, Traummerstzung or Elektronische Gulag from the beginning of the 2000's. He's better known as the lead singer, guitarist, producer and principal songwriter of the art rock band Al Berkowitz, and its only constant member since its formation in 2006.

Meanwhile, he has established himself as a renowned composer for films, visual arts and advertising. As a tenacious experimentalist, he has worked in many different genres, from classical and vocal music to ambient, electronica and drone music. His productions notably feature multilayered tracks of different instruments to achieve unique soundscapes and textures, whereas his latest music creations lie heavily on sound edition and digital transformation of acoustic recordings. Tempel Arts is publishing Ignacio Simón's work from 2014 on and have recently released "Music for The Earth's Curvature", a compilation of the original music for the film of the same name by Mariuca G.L.


Ignacio Simón - Music For The Earth's Curvature (2014) Download


Whatch the rest of Ignacio Simon's Videography here.

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