Through a trip to a village of La Mancha and recorded without more accessories than a handheld camera the filmmaker Mariuca G.L. seeks to reflect on this piece the immediacy of events through some chance encounters. A poet, a foreigner, traditions, ruins, a past and a present. The Earth's Curvature represents a personal evocative and poetic vision that invites the viewer to be a part of a journey of a random and spontaneous conversation and reflection on the passage of time, nostalgia and Earth.

With the participation of IED Madrid mentored by Darío Peña, Victor Moreno and Javier Fernández from "Los Hijos". It also has the appearance of the poet Dionisio Cañas and music composer Ignacio Simon. It is the opera prima of the young artist Mariuca G.L.


Mariuca García-Lomas has succesfully done an evocative, poetic, experimental and honest piece.
No sólo cine

...sadness and pause impregnates the whole film...the presence of death, the search of the essence of a place and the eccentric characters that lives in it (as if throughout the exceptions we could glimpse the norm) .
Julián Callejo